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The No-Code Generation is coming

Ending the week with a bit of a long read.

TechCrunch has a perspective on the generation beyond the traditional digitial divide.  If GenX and later grew up as digital natives, versus older generations who did not.. there is a rise of a new generation of users that leverage “no code platforms” to create a new divide.

These platforms are designed to make levering computing easier, and this generation of users is more natively using tools like this.     An example, quoting the piece.

Whereas just a few years ago, a store manager might (and strong emphasis on might) put their sales data into Excel and then let it linger there for the occasional perusal, this new generation is prepared to connect multiple online tools to build an online storefront (through no-code tools like Shopify or Squarespace), calculate basic LTV scores using a no-code data platform and prioritize their best customers with marketing outreach through basic email delivery services. And it’s all reproducible, as it is in technology and code and not produced by hand.

Why do we care?

For providers projecting their businesses out for 5 years, this is a key set of data about the needs of employees both internally and of your customers.

I’ve been focusing a lot on this portion of the value stack because not only are businesses changing, but the people within them are changing.    Younger generations have different skills and different demands.

This exposes several opportunities.   Enabling these employees by ensuring the tools are available, as well as training for those who may not know how to use them.      Even ensuring that business leaders know what is possible is a valuable deliverable service.

Right now, my advice going into the weekend.  Spend time learning about this if you’re not familiar, because this is the future.  

Source: TechCrunch