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Diversity Report Q1 2023

We love metrics in our industry.  Everything is a metric.     We have data and statistics and performance numbers and best in class performance… but when it comes to looking at diversity, we don’t.  In an industry that measures everything, there aren’t actually a lot of metrics here to measure.  

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  We say that all the time.       Here, however, it’s lacking.     Who is leading us?     How can we change if we don’t know where we are – or who are the leaders and what do they look like.

This project is to measure it.   We monitor the webpages and am alerted to changes so that the data can be updated.    Each quarter the results are published in a video you can view below.

The full graphs are available to download: Diversity Report Q1 2023.

Submit Your Company Diversity Information

If you would like to report your company into the database to help make sure the data is more accurate and to push for visibility, you can now do so.   Visit the form below to opt-in and make the data more accurate.   Data is submitted confidentially and not revealed on an individual company basis.