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Lessons in Communication: An End Customer’s Perspective on Working with an MSP with Tom Cahue

In this bonus episode of the Business of Tech, host Dave Sobel interviews Tom Cahue, IT Manager for the Mary Campbell Center. Tom shares his experiences as an end customer working with an MSP and discusses the importance of effective communication and clearly defining roles. He also highlights how his organization successfully navigated challenges and established a strong working relationship with their MSP.

Lounge: Feb 21 2024: Negligence in Cybersecurity, Generative AI: Insights from Canalys Chief Analyst, and Vendor Program Changes

In this episode of the Business of Tech Lounge with Dave Sobel, the format is more interactive, allowing live viewers to ask questions and engage with guests. The discussion delves into the differences between MSPs and MSSPs, highlighting a case involving Accenture providing IT support services to Starwood and Marriott. Join the conversation every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern for more insights and engaging discussions.

Fri Feb-23-2024: The Year of the Enterprise Browser | NVIDIA Earnings | Syncro CEO Transition

Today's episode discusses the rise of enterprise browsers in cybersecurity for 2024, highlighting the importance of built-in security features and the need for advanced measures due to increased hacking threats targeting browsers. Companies like Palo Alto Networks and Island are at the forefront of developing these browsers, with Atakama also beta-testing a product for managed services providers. Additionally, NVIDIA and N-Able earnings, Syncro CEO, and MSPX are covered, along with Friday Big Ideas. Stay tuned for pushback from a listener at the end.

Wed Feb-21-2024: FTC’s New Rules on AI Impersonation and Deepfakes, Adobe’s AI-Powered Acrobat

On today's episode of the podcast, we discussed the FTC's proposed rules to combat AI impersonation and deepfake harms, Adobe's AI-powered enhancements to Acrobat, and Apple's challenges with Vision Pro. Additionally, we highlighted CoreView's M365 management platform for MSPs and the White House's focus on data privacy and security. Stay informed and visit for more details.

Tues Feb-20-2024:AI in Weather, Beauty, and Policing, Air Canada’s AI fine, Partner Programs Galore

Today's episode of the Business of Tech covers a range of topics, including the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries, a fine imposed on Air Canada for chatbot misinformation, and security updates from ConnectWise.. The use of AI in federal weather forecasting is highlighted as a key development, showcasing how AI can enhance weather prediction models and improve forecasts.

The Importance of Churn and Retention: Lessons from the SaaS Market with Luke Diaz

In this bonus episode of the Business of Tech podcast, host Dave Sobel is joined by Luke Diaz, founder of DBT Ventures, to discuss customer success and SaaS trends. Luke shares his insights on the SaaS market and its focus on churn, highlighting the importance of retaining customers as managed services providers. With his expertise in scaling startups to over $100 million in ARR, Luke provides valuable insights on the dynamic environment of the SaaS industry. Tune in to learn more about customer success and the current market cycle.

The Business of Tech: Why Should You Care?

Explore the strategies, challenges, and successes that define the tech landscape with Dave Sobel on "The Business of Tech" podcast. Gain insights on how managed services providers and IT outsourcing companies stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology. Join Dave as he uncovers the impact on businesses, careers, and the industry at large. Dive deeper into the future of technology and discover inspiring stories from tech leaders. Tune in for daily actionable insights and be part of this journey towards innovation and leadership in the tech industry. Follow "The Business of Tech" on your favorite podcast platform to stay informed and inspired.

Fri Feb-16-2024: Google and OpenAI Launch new models, Remote Work Opportunities Shrink, $$ with AI

On this episode of the Business of Tech podcast, we dive into the latest developments in AI from Google and OpenAI, including tools that write code and generate dynamic video content. The discussion also covers the shrinking remote work opportunities as companies increase in-office days. Additionally, cybersecurity is highlighted as crucial, emphasizing the human expertise needed to interpret and respond to complex threats. The episode features insights on historical context, job displacement, and how to capitalize on AI advancements.

Thu Feb-15-2024: TeamLogic IT Partners with NinjaOne, CISA’s 2024 Priorities, ArcServe bails on MSP

On today's show, we discuss TeamLogic IT partnering with NinjaOne for endpoint management of over 100,000 devices, CISA reveals its 2024 cybersecurity priorities, and ArcServe discontinues cloud services and OneXafe Solo, shaking the MSP market. CoreView supports MSPs with a Microsoft 365 management platform. UK SMEs are increasingly relying on MSPs for cost effectiveness, with 62% of respondents utilizing MSPs. Some SMEs with uniform technology stacks may not need MSPs, but those with diverse resources like MacBooks can benefit from specialized services.