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Information for Communications Professionals

Thank you for your interest in the Business of Tech. This page is designed to help those who are looking to deliver a message via the show.


I would like to brief you on what our company is doing.

The Business of Tech welcomes briefings from companies to give their unique perspective and to provide insights.   As the show explores what those in the delivery of technology services need to know, the companies that work with those providers — or are those providers — have stories to tell.

Press briefings are available to anyone. A press briefing is the opportunity for you to brief Dave Sobel on what you think he should know, and Dave will ask questions. The use of a press briefing is not a guarantee of coverage on the show.  It is, however, welcome perspective to inform the stories and topics being covered.  

The discussion will be in compliance with our Ethics information, provided below.

Let’s book a press briefing!



I am interested in booking my client / myself as a guest on the Business of Tech.


Our show format is unique. It’s short and focused on news and commentary for those involved in the delivery of technology services. We’re a story driven show, looking at the news of the day and answering the industry question: Why do we care?      
That said, there is room for a non-promotional guest and subject matter expert now and then. Here’s what we’re looking for:   
First, a guest who provides a deeper commentary or context to an evolving story. For example, there were a number of security vulnerabilities reported in major products focused on the MSP space. To provide context, an interview with Huntress Labs Kyle Hanslovan provided insights into how security vulnerabilities are reported, what researchers expectations are, and whether or not legal action is typical when reporting these cases.
Second, a guest who may be part of the story themselves. As another example, Louisiana recently had a number of ransomware incidents, including one significant enough for the city of New Orleans to declare a state of emergency.  The Secretary of State in Louisiana spoke at a meeting of his peers and specifically cited MSPs as part of the problem. He was a recent guest on the show, providing his larger perspective as well as the legislation he is introducing around MSPs.
If one of the above works, shoot me a response with an elevator explanation on what your client wants to weigh in on–keeping in mind this isn’t a “thought leadership” forum or a place “to pitch” products, solutions, services. We’re here to ask and answer the question: Why do we care?

I’m ready to send my pitch!



 Ethics Information

My goal is to provide information and value to the broader IT consulting channel, including vendors and partners of all sizes.     If you deliver IT services, I believe I have a perspective to offer.

To that end, I have established a set of guiding principles.

  • When I make a mistake, I strive to correct the error promptly and disclose the correction to listeners.
  • I maintain the anonymity of my sources when asked to do so and when they are sharing information I believe to be in the public interest.
  • I honor embargoed statements from companies in the space.
  • My paid consulting assignments are advisory in nature.  I am hired to present my opinions in detail.
  • Advertisements are clearly delineated within the content of my shows.
  • I currently own stock in SolarWinds (SWI) & N-Able (NABL) and, which was part of my compensation from employment between 2013 and 2019.
  • I make every effort to follow the FTC guidelines in my business efforts.    
  • If you find something that requires clarification, please ask.  

For content on the Business of Tech, there are guiding principles.

  • Any paid content is clearly positioned as such. An example is ads, which are clearly different in sound and presentation.
  • There are no paid endorsements.
  • I do not accept any preconditions for coverage of a story that requires me to say certain things.
  • Any interview subjects are not given the opportunity to preview or approve interview questions, nor are they allowed to review stories prior to publication.
  • Any potential stock conflict is made available via a disclosure.

I recognize the following terminology for those who are communications professionals or authorized spokespeople for their organizations speaking on behalf of their organization in an official capacity.

  • “On the record” is the default position when speaking to MSP Radio.   You say things, they are recorded and reported on.
  • “On background” is an agreement which both must agree to, which allows discussions that are not specifically attributed to you.   There must be agreement for discussions to be on background.