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Google pivots on Stadia to a whitelabel approach

Business Insider is reporting that Google is trying to salvage its Stadia game streaming service under the new name “Google Stream.”    The company has deprioritized Stadia and is now focused on trying to sell the service to other companies.   Google has inked a deal with Peloton for back-end streaming, Bungie for streaming, and AT&T to offer Batman: Arkham Knight in web browsers.     This white label solution is being made available to other technology companies. 

Why do we care?

I’d previously said my interest in this space is around the idea of using the technology to stream applications.    Google’s pivot to delivery the technology as a service is why I care about this.  It’s one step closer to that option.

They aren’t alone in this capability.  Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming is a similar service, and it’s a lot less difficult to see the connection between Microsoft’s Azure business and the application of this technology.