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Forrester tells the Fed how it did on customer experience

Last week I covered the EO from the White House around customer experience. It turns out the Fed is doing better there already.   Forrester’s annual US Federal Customer Experience Index shows a 1.5 point increase over 2020.

Rick Parrish, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, said the latest federal customer experience is a “good news, bad news story.” On the one hand, scores improved in six of 15 key agencies Forrester measured, including a major improvement at the Transportation Security Administration. On the other, the federal average score of 62.6 out of a possible 100 still lags 10.7 points behind the private sector average.

“On average, the news is good, agencies are up 1.5 points and the highest we’ve ever seen, but of course a 62.6 on a 100-point scale leaves a lot of opportunity for improvement,” Parrish told Nextgov, where this was quoted liberally from.

Why do we care?

Because this reinforces the point, I made last week.  The floor is rising.     Sure, the private sector is ahead… and I would expect it always to be ahead.  It had better be ahead.

As the floor is rising.    Are there ways to reduce friction in the way you do business?   That’s top of mind for me today.