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Market sizes: software audits, IT services, and managed services

Flexera looked at software audits – and from their polling, 46% of respondents were audited by Microsoft for usage in the last thee years.       30% noted Oracle – and VMWare and Adobe were noted as the four who took the most time.    24% of respondents paid more than $1 million in true-up costs over the past three years.  

One small reason to continue to note the strength of IT and business services – IDC says the space will grow 3.4 percent this year globally.    It’s 2.4% specifically in the US, and 3.7% next.   

ISG too with good news – managed services contract values increasing 22% over the prior year.    The analyst is quite bullish on managed services – saying that and as-a-service platforms grew 40 percent.    Managed services was up 17 percent specifically, and they are citing a growth rte of 10%.  

Why do we care?

I believe a lot of basic infrastructure type services are going away.  I’ll note that smart consulting on things like “what software we using” is not… and with cloud / SAAS, it’s getting more complicated.     That’s all space where services are needed.  It might look a but more consultative… which isn’t a bad thing.

IT services are strong – it’s what’s IN them that matters.