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Data overload, and the opportunity it presents

Forrester says businesses are struggling with big data overload.  

The international study, Unveiling data challenges afflicting businesses around the world, found that 64% of businesses (the UK figure was 57%) believe they are data-driven but only 23% (UK: 17%) are prioritizing data’s use across the organization.

Two-thirds (UK: 55%) say they need more data, but even more businesses (UK: 70%) state they have more data than they can handle right now.

According to the research, 71% (UK: 70%) of respondents say they are gathering data faster than they can analyze and use it, yet 66% (UK: 55%) say they need more data than their current capabilities provide.

Barracuda has released their MSP Business Report, and highlight service expansion in 59% of respondents.    Security and remote work continue to be highlighted as growth drivers, and that the skilled worker problem will continue ongoing.  

Why do we care?

Data like this is why I actually keep highlighting data management as a service to consider.   Are you taking in the right data – not too much, or not being overloaded by it.   Are you managing it well?   Keeping access to the right people too – layering in security.

A disjointed balance like “we have too much data and not enough data” said at the same time tells you there’s a problem… and thus an opportunity.

Playing in this conversation is a very different value level than playing down in the backups and patching world.