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Tech sentiment continues to fall

New data about Americans perception of Big Tech.  The latest Axios/Harris polling shows how far they are falling.   Google and Facebook fell the most, Facebook and Twitter remain clearly at the bottom of the list, and Amazon lost its placement right at the top of trust.

Apple, on the other hand, was the only company to improve.   Companies who sell products and services to businesses and individuals did better – so Microsoft, Apple, Sony and HP are examples.   

While I’m on data, Information Security officers are reporting an increase in stress over the past 12 months – 6% saying it’s “unbearable” stress, and 36% saying it’s having a damaging effect on delivering to an organization’s needs.

And, how about 5G.   It’s not delivered on the promise.. because providers aren’t delivering new services.    In the UK, the number of consumers intending to upgrade to 5G next year stands at 25% – down from 27% in 2019.   In that report, Ericsson also found that 70% of 5G users are frustrated at the lack of availability of innovative services and new apps.    In South Korea,  respondents are even less likely to be satisfied with 5G than they are with 4G – a finding that the company believes is partly due to using superior 4G and home Wi-Fi services as a benchmark. 

Why do we care?

They do say under promise over deliver for a reason.     Consumers are wary of tech’s claims, and it’s just a bit more evidence of maturity of the space.    It doesn’t have that new car smell anymore.

It’s encouraging to see services companies doing better, and that shows the space for success.    Trust can be earned and managed, but it won’t come from promises that can’t be delivered upon – and you’ll pay the price for lack of delivery.