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Chromebooks big growth, and the opportunity in SMB

As the market changed, so did the Chromebook growth.     Quoting CIO Dive:

Chromebook shipments rose 80% year over year in 2020 and totaled nearly 30 million units, according to Gartner statistics . The firm mainly attributes the surge to demand from the North American education market. Chromebooks shipments grew by nearly 200% just in the fourth quarter of 2020, reaching 11.7 million units.

Why do we care?

The big market space for Chromebooks is education, but the piece also highlights that call centers are also a big one.  But hidden is this pair of quotes. 

For all except the younger organizations that maybe don’t have that much legacy [technology], Chrome tends to be a difficult proposition.  That’s why another space where Chromebook is set to expand its reach is the small- to midsize business space. Startups especially tend to be cloud-native and rely on web-based apps. 

And so here’s why we care.    If you were starting businesses now… what tech would you use?  Free and clear of legacy?  And answer me this… are businesses overcompensating on their legacy “investment”.  It’s not really an investment – it’s what got you where you are today.   

New companies will be very viable here.  But SMALL companies are too – it might be better to just throw old stuff away.     There’s a bigger space here than is acknowledged, and THIS is the one with growth.