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An update on Microsoft’s push direct

Let’s follow up to last week’s discussion about Microsoft going direct.   If you missed it, several providers sounded the alarm about emails to customers soliciting Microsoft services directly.  Turns out, there is a new program at Microsoft.

Microsoft is using the idea of licensing audits, where you review the current licensing needs, to seek opportunities.   The program was designed to include partners, and the incidents reported last week were an overzealous sales consultant, whose leadership has corrected the incident after the feedback.

The way the program is designed.  Microsoft should be calling businesses and including the partner in the comms (if they can find one), and will offer to look at licensing usage, security, and upgrade planning for M365 and Azure at no cost.    This report can be co-branded with the partner.

Why do we care?

The blog in question here is a good read for an on the ground perspective.    My take.   Call out your vendor when they make a move you dislike.  Then recognize it may be a legit mistake.  This one was.    Partnership doesn’t mean everything is always perfect.  It just means you work together.  In good times AND in bad.

Then, don’t be surprised.  Vendors have sales goals to meet too.     In down times, they get more aggressive, and we’re in down times.

Be shocked when they violate an agreement, just don’t be surprised.

Source: Third Tier