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5 steps to deploying mission critical applications in the cloud

Gartner analyst Raj Bala discussed a five-step approach for deploying mission critical applications in the cloud at the Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference.

That process.

  1. Design a strategy, including building the skills necessary.
  2. Build a strong foundation for the cloud, particularly in the selection of a cloud provider
  3. Design and mitigate risks, often done by embracing a multi-cloud framework.
  4. Put governance policies in place and take a critical eye to existing ones that may not apply in the cloud world.
  5. Strive for operational excellence, and ensure monitoring and management is in place ongoing.

Why do we care?

I’m a bit of a sucker for a good process, and in particular adapting one to fit needs.   This was presented in the context of enterprise adoption, though I see little reason to believe this structure doesn’t apply to small and mid-market companies (which, incidentally, is why I included it).

It’s thematic for me, but this is the actual value a service provider brings to the party, far more than any of the technical skills.   Adapt this process for yourself.

Source: CIO Dive