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Forrester’s 2021 cybersecurity predictions

Forrester out with their 2021 global cybersecurity market predictions.  There are four.

  1. 33% of data breaches will be caused by insider incidents.
  2. A CISO from a Global 200 firm will be fired for “toxic security culture”
  3. Funding for European and Asian-HQ cybersecurity firms will rise by 20 per cent
  4. Audits and budget cuts will lead to uptake of risk quantification tech.

Why do we care?

The first and fourth are your instant opportunities – inside jobs are about controls and architecture, not just technology.     Zero-trust security architectures and process management solve that, not purely technology.    

Risk quantification tech is another area for providers to address.   I’ll note that risk management has long been an area of opportunity – and will continue to be – and thus the technology is advancing.    

Finally, while that CISO prediction won’t matter to most listeners, here’s something to think about…. How impactful would criminals in orange jumpsuits be for changing the tone?   I’ve commented on the need to talk about advisories this way… how about those who are negligent?   

Source: Channel Partner Insight