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Employee Stress up with Work from Home, new data shows

The pandemic and remote work are taking their toll – 68% of respondents to a new survey by Blind saying they are more burned out than when they worked in an office.   Blind also found 60% of those surveyed are working more hours than prior to the pandemic

In another survey from the company, from 1,800 responses, 29% said their relationship with their manager had deteriorated during remote work, with 35% of Microsoft professionals feeling that way. In addition, 46% of professionals say their likelihood of being promoted during WFH has decreased, including 43% at Microsoft.

Why do we care?

Here is where the rubber meets the road with work from home versus that concept I’ve been talking about for Digital Parity.

We threw everyone into this work paradigm.   We didn’t build the required culture, processes, procedures, training, and people investments to make it sustainable.   We know this is true for security too.

So we care for two reasons.  Since I’m expecting this to be an extended period of time – with many big tech companies clearly telling us work from home will extend well into next year – business leaders want to be investing in the changes necessary to transition to Digital Parity, where systems, communication, data, and most importantly, culture are maintained regardless of physical work location.

And second, this is a clear opportunity to bring business process expertise, even via partnership, to customers. 

Because this is not sustainable, but those that shift will outperform.

Source: GeekWire