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Which industries are winners, and which losers?

Industry research company Canalys hosted their forum event virtually and presented some new insights on the market – particularly about industries, and winners and losers.

Industries losing:

Retail and offices – and the analyst view is that these have fundamental changes and some may never return.

Industry events, sports, hotels, theaters, music venues, and air travel were “tactical losers”, and while hit in the short term, will recover when restrictions are eased.

Short term winners include food retailers, home furniture, and home fitness.

Strategic winners include e-commerce and video conferencing.  

The analysts also noted acceleration in tech in education and in healthcare.

Why do we care?

If you’re doing the business planning for next quarter and for 2021, here are data points you can leverage to analyze your own customers.    Sure, they are obvious, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful.    

My advice:  Understand your customers and your customers customers.   Are you tracking this?   Specifically?   Are you looking at their industries and those trends?  There is an argument for going vertical because of the level of time and expertise required to know that one industry.  Spend a bit more time on tracking their industry and a touch less on tracking the technology industry.  We talk about it moving so fast… but you know what, it doesn’t move THAT fast.   

Source: MicroScope