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Big Opportunities in Zero Trust Security

I want to highlight an article in CIO Dive.  Quote:

The pandemic pushed 37% of organizations to increase adoption of zero trust, according to a Deloitte survey of more than 595 respondents from organizations planning to adopt zero trust.

Zero trust benefits are praised for protecting assets from any endpoint, but obstacles remain for companies trying to expedite the transition.  

It’s the “steepness of the zero trust learning curve,” fused with the controls and modern technologies needed to support the zero trust framework, organizations are in a bind, said Andrew Rafla, risk and financial advisory principal at Deloitte.”

Why do we care?

Everything about this screams opportunity.     I cover story after story about the failure of risk management in a security context, and we know that the move to remote working made this even worse.

Here’s why this is an opportunity – this isn’t product led, but instead services.   The learning, education, and controls required to implement and manage zero-trust architectures are exactly what technology services companies do and do well. 

Here’s your second quote:

“Zero trust is a conceptual framework that helps organizations enforce the concept of least privilege in a modernized way. It is not a single technology, and instead requires security leaders to “take an incremental and iterative approach that is tied to business drivers.” 

That sounds like everything we pitch as opportunity in our space.

Source: CIO Dive