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What are better performing companies doing in the shift to work from home?

Data from Catchpoint showing what higher performing companies are doing regards to work from home.

Quoting from the article:

Businesses in the top tier were 33% more likely to train staff on work from home technologies when compared to bottom-tier companies. Employees at top-tier companies were also nearly three times more likely to say collaboration tools were extremely effective. 

While looking at work from home… Software company Okta will let most of its 2,600 employees work from home permanently. 

Why do we care?

This should scream ongoing opportunity.     Train customers and those businesses outpace. Invest in making the technology more functional, and those businesses outperform.  

There seems to me to be a significant field to continue to invest in here – and as the market leaders are showing us, this isn’t changing any time soon.     

Source: CIO Dive

Source: CNN