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What tech is selling, and what isn’t?

Axios has a high level review of which tech is selling – and what isn’t – during the pandemic.  It falls into patterns you would likely guess – tech that’s good for working and playing at home is up, and things with a mobile component are down.

Up – laptops, and specifically Chromebooks.     PC component sales are even up.    E-Bikes, printers, TVs and soundbars… all up.

Down are smartphones and mobile accessories.   And, what’s next?  Smart displays, as Facebook’s Portal has already seen strong demand.

Which is timely, as Google is launching a hotel focused update to their smart screens, allowing for wakeup calls, weather and information locally – and to check out and request items from the hotel.

Why do we care?

This would have been all the logical guesses, and the data is showing that it’s true.  

Two reasons we care.  First, you can see the opportunities that are coming in the next few months very easily.   Investments that make business better in the current time don’t require a lot of over thinking.   As you consider what’s going to happen, the thinking isn’t hard, but you have to do it. 

Second, besides the obvious hospitality angle for Google’s offering, think about the ability to remove human interaction…. Which is now dangerous, and might be for a while.     I hate “digital transformation” as a phrase, but technology which accelerates service is an obvious area to spend time.

And all of this is higher value service. 

Source: Axios

Source: TechCrunch