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CompTIA ends their state and federal lobbying efforts

In an announcement to membership via email, CompTIA revealed they have ended their state and federal lobbying efforts.  From the email:

CompTIA is ceasing all state and federal lobbying activities on behalf of our public policy members and redirecting all those resources, and more, toward efforts leading to expanded diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity in the tech workforce and IT channel. We feel doubling down on our already significant leadership position in these arenas is the best way to fulfill our mission to Advance the Global IT Industry. 

We will, however, retain an outsourced capacity to address significant, impactful legislative and regulatory issues faced by our core MSP members.

Why do we care?

This is a significant change in direction.    Advocacy has been a pillar of CompTIA’s strategy for some time now, and so removing it is significant.

I’ve criticized their efforts in the past year in this area around right to repair, which in my opinion they were on the wrong side of the issue, and so they moved to a position on neither side.    I was hoping they would position as the advocacy group for technology services providers going forward, particularly after that backlash.    

In my interview with Joseph Brunsman, we discussed the need for state societies to bring providers together regarding regulation and compliance.  I had hoped CompTIA, who has the certification and community portions nailed, would be able to help on the advocacy piece too.   Now we know they are pulling out of the space, and that leaves a need for providers and a space for another player.   This is still a need.