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Tech layoffs, Salary Data, Non-Compete Ban, Cyber Bonds, Gartner on SaaS Management, CloudFlare

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⏰ Story Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Tech Layoffs Are A Misleading Picture of the Industry’s Health
04:08 New Salary Data Reveals Wide Ranges at Top Tech Companies
06:05 FTC Proposes Ban on Non-Compete Agreements, Impacting Millions of Workers
07:36 Zero-Trust Deadline Approaching for Government Agencies: September 2024
09:07 Learn about PC Matic at
09:47 ChatGPT: Criminal Use, Microsoft Int
11:33 John Deere Signs Agreement with Farm Bureau for ‘Right to Repair’ Preemption
13:24 Beazley Launches First Cyber Catastrophe Bond: $45 Million Private Bond for Cyber Risks
14:31 California’s Digital License Plates Hacked: Full Access to Accounts Obtained
16:03 Kaspersky Report Reveals MSPs Prioritize Price and Features in Vendor Selection
17:18 Gartner Report on SaaS Management Platforms: Maturing and Fragmented Industry
21:00 Cloudflare Launches Monitoring Dashboard for Network Issues and Performance

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