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Three in five CIOs would replace their tech

Lenovo surveying CIOs – three in five would replace half or more of their current technology if they were given a chance.     9-in-10 CIOs say that their role and responsibilities have expanded beyond technology, including non-traditional areas such as data analytics and business reporting (56%), sustainability/ESG (45%), DE&I (42%), HR/talent acquisition (39%), and sales/marketing (32%). 

Businesses would feel an impact in no more than a few weeks if they halted spending on digital transformation initiatives, according to 61% of respondents. 

8-in-10 CIOs agree their tech vendors are “so effectively integrated that it increases [their] overall productivity.” 

Why do we care?

I love CIO surveys because if you are in the “virtual CIO” business, these are your peers.   Or the thinker you have to emulate.

How about those non-traditional areas, vCIOs?  Are you doing data analytics, DE&I, HR, or sales and marketing?    Particularly for those in the mid-market, these are the areas of responsibility you are either competing with… or should consider how to be more valuable to.