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Which industries are trusted to handle data?

Last week I had some big tech trust numbers – today,  The No Silver Linings report from digital security company Imperva says that 35% of the 6,700 consumers surveyed do not trust organizations to protect their sensitive information adequately. 

Of those who responded to the survey, 41% say their trust has decreased over the past five years. In addition, the option to not have their personal information shared has many feeling as if their hand is being forced. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents said they feel they have no choice in sharing data when it comes to using online services.

The percentage of those surveyed trusting companies by industry when it came to handling data were as follows:

  • Financial services (37% say they trust)
  • Healthcare (33%)
  • Government organizations (29%)
  • Retailers (5%)

This has led to some users simply giving up when it comes to being concerned about their online presence, as 27% of responses said they have not bothered to change passwords if their account or website has been compromised. 

Why do we care?

Trust is an asset to be managed and a resource not to be squandered.    Hovering up all that data is damaging trust, and we have big tech to thank.  Layer on distrust related to security and threat actors, and you have a messy, awkward scenario.

That leaves those delivering IT services to recognize that the default position is distrust, not trust.     Assume you will not be trusted – which is a powerful position when combined with a zero-trust approach.    What do I mean?   Take a position ready for a high level of scrutiny, and gain trust by not requiring it.