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Salesforce’s experiments with no meetings

I harp on experimenting, so let’s focus on one.    Quoting Insider. 

In October, several teams across the software giant pivoted to asynchronous work or in a way that didn’t require real-time communication. They encouraged employees to cancel all meetings for a week. And the “async week” was so successful that Salesforce already scheduled three more this year, Lisa Marshall, the senior vice president of Salesforce’s technology, marketing, and products innovation and learning team, told Insider. 

About one-third of Salesforce’s employees participated in the no-meetings week, with the majority reporting higher productivity and less stress. According to surveys Marshall’s team conducted afterward, almost all employees said it had a positive effect on them.

Why do we care?

 The previous story is all about the state of the market and then Gartner’s recommendations.    And here we have a company experimenting with it.     For those who think this is all theory, I wanted to show how it isn’t. 

What are you testing in your planning for this year?