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O’Reilly asked about Cloud Adoption

So looking forward, O’Reilly’s 2021 Cloud Adoption survey gives some directional data.   90% of respondents report that their organizations use cloud computing, up from 88% last year. Further, almost half (48%) say they plan to migrate 50% or more of their applications to the cloud in the coming year, with 20% planning to migrate all applications.

Among all respondents, 47% say their organizations are pursuing a cloud-first strategy, with 30% already cloud-native (with applications built to run in a scalable cloud environment)—another 37% plan to be cloud-native within three or more years. Only 5% are engaged in cloud “repatriation” (bringing services moved to the cloud back in-house).

Why do we care?

Gartner says that will be 95% by 2025, so the math is adding up.   This is another data point on the trend.  Not groundbreaking, but it links very clearly the prediction.   It’s an obvious direction that does not seem to have all the implications being addressed in many ways.