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Is the Traditional, ticket-based approach antiquated?

More than nine in 10 employees waste up to eight hours each week looking through documents to find data for customers and one-third say AI would make them more responsive, per a survey by Sapio Research. 

A new study of global tech leaders conducted by PagerDuty found that 78% of senior technical leaders face extra pressure around a growing number of incidents, with 40% reporting that their organizations have lost revenue as a result. The survey found that 72% are accelerating their digital transformation strategies. However, an overwhelming 91% say that traditional IT operations (ITOps) are no longer fit for purpose in the digital era.   62% of respondents say a traditional, ticket-based approach to IT operations means IT teams waste time figuring out how to respond to digital incidents.

Why do we care?

Traditional, ticket-based approach to IT operations.    That’s the phrase that’s sticking with me – because it’s clearly not viewed as innovative.    If the future end state is a digitally transformed business, implied in that series of statements is that addressing IT with a traditional ticket based approach is … antiquated.

So how many IT providers are screaming right now?     I do not profess to have an answer to this one – but if you want to know why we care, it’s because of the question of … what SHOULD it be?