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HP’s new service offering targets SMBs and Microsoft cloud licensing

HP is launching a new subscription management service for small and mid-sized businesses that aims to streamline Microsoft cloud licensing.  HP’s subscription management offering provides license management for Microsoft 365 and the software giant’s cloud catalog. HP also provides analytics and usage data by user, department and geography so IT teams can shift and scale subscriptions.   In addition to right-sizing subscriptions, HP Subscription Management secures remote work applications, optimizes them and provides ongoing checks. The service also has license inventory data as well as spending trends.  This quoting generously from ZDnet.  

Why do we care?

Put one more big company on the list of those offering services directly.    Need your Microsoft stuff?  Buy via HP!    There’s a number of smart flavors out there.

Couple the CompTIA data with this story – if consulting is the big opportunity, this isn’t a threat at all.    This is a service alignment where consulting is useful regardless.   If your core value is helping companies with their technology, this is entirely in alignment with that. 

You don’t HAVE to use this, sure – but assume it’s a factor in customer’s approaches.