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How to follow the money within orgs, as dictated by the Board

A review of directors and members of boards of directors by Gartner points to digital technology as a top strategic priority – around 60%.    64% of respondents said their boards have “attempted to alter their enterprise economic structure to a more digital economic architecture.”   40% of respondents said they have already moved some digital business-related budgets to business functions, according to Gartner, as opposed to a more centralized tech or IT budget. 

Why do we care?

The money is moving outside of tech or IT formally, and the organization itself is reforming due to technology on how they organize economically.    Since getting TO the IT budget is a key bit of the way IT services are delivered – we like getting paid – this is key to track.    Developing those relationships to the business spender is not a disciussion point, but a reality.