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The deluge of features as tech figures out dispersed work

A potpourri of small features I think are a trend.

Teams is adding Viva Connections, which is an employee engagement app for news, conversations and resources via Teams.      They are also adding Praise – a way to send feedback to colleagues via Teams and Viva.    They are also adding Teams View Switcher, which allows users to quickly change the view within meetings.  

Google is adding dedicated focus time entries to Google Calendar – which can be set to automatically decline meetings.  Not everyone gets it – a selection of Business, Enterprise, and Education plans get it.       

Why do we care?

I covered yesterday impact on work as well as the opportunity to address the complexity for small companies.     I highlighted this collection of features that live in that work layer – how organizations use tools to work in new ways.    I’m not sure all of these are hits – Praise seems like one that will backfire pretty badly.   

That critical eye and understanding of human behavior are leverageable skills as a consultant – and where the real value is.