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Allstate blocks RMM usage, Datto’s CISO responds

A quick update to a story from earlier this week – a provider quoted a notice from Allstate, blocking the use of Kaseya, Datto and/or Ninja RMM within end client offices.      Datto CISO Ryan Weeks acknowledged the policy and noted he has reached out to Allstate to understand their concerns and decision making process and request a revisit of their position.

Why do we care?

Because Datto both acknowledged (and thus confirmed) the statement and while they have asked… they weren’t consulted.   Allstate just moved.    

Insurance companies moving against MSP software providers should be of note to anyone in the space.     I’m hearing a chorus of complaints from providers about how “unfair”, “knee jerk”, or “stupid” it is… and I’m anticipating a silent group are simply moving to address this new portion of the market with alternative solutions.