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This Week in the Business of Tech July 23 2021

A video version of this week’s podcasts. This week’s stories:

00:00 What we need to know about consumers in the current market
03:13 Big movement from the US government on ransomware
07:08 $31 dollars a month for Windows 365…. and why you care.
07:49 The world of work, as considered by political leaning, location, employee motivation, and even happiness. Why do we care?
13:44 Cali and Virginia go big on Broadband.. and let’s collect those bills
16:23 The recession is over, plus where to work remotely
18:49 Want a cool T-Shirt? Want to ask why do we care?
19:17 Zoom’s big strategy reveal – the purchase of Five9
20:30 Big increases in data leaks as we review the ransomware landscape
25:06 Respect in Security shows a lot of abuse of professionals – and what you can do
26:27 Market data from Gartner, CIOs, ISG, IBM, and Datto
29:23 TechAisle research on Microsoft’s Cloud PC
30:33 Cyber notification moves through Congress in a legislation review

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