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This Week in the Business of Tech Jun 25 2021

A video version of this week’s podcasts. This week’s stories:

00:00 Data about … data, plus the MSP marketplace
02:51 What are help desks looking for, and what does it mean for staffing?
05:37 The FCC’s new broadband maps, and why IT services companies care
06:52 Security: Mobile, cloud SaaS, SMBs, and more
10:53 What the words in job listings are saying
12:07 Right to repair update from New York
12:40 Let’s talk about workers – remote… where they work, and finding them
16:46 The Teamsters and Amazon: Why we care
17:31 MERCH!
17:58 Chip shortage, IT impact, and life expectancy: how they link
20:23 Windows 11: What IT services companies need to know
21:55 Opposing research from ConnectWise and JumpCloud to understand.. and why you care.

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