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PC data, Cloud data, M&A, and the MSP landscape

The PC Market should see double-digit growth this year, despite the chip shortages.  IDC things it should have a growth level of 18.1 percent in 2021.  It’s short, however – the prediction for 2022 will drop slightly by around 2.9 percent.  

How about Cloud – IDC says that Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are now tied for public cloud services, with 12.8% revenue share each.       The worldwide market grew 24.1% year over year in 2020, and within that, Infrastructure as a service grew 33.9% year over year.    SaaS applications were 18.6%, and SaaS system infrastructure was 22.4%.  

Gartner reports that M&A will hit a record high this year in tech.  While it hit its lowest level in two years in the second quarter of 2020, it rebounded, and by fourth quarter was at 2018 levels.. and the analyst expects to see more.   

And, Barracuda MSP has put out a study of the MSP landscape.     Security is top of mind in providers and customers concerns.    Link in the show notes.     That said, Trend Micro’s data pairs with that.. 70% of IT security and SOC decision makers say their personal lives are being emotionally impacts by their work managing threat alerts.  

Why do we care?

PCs are still in demand, but it won’t be forever.  Cloud, however, is.    I’ve been high on Microsoft – seems I’m not alone, as they’ve certainly been growing faster.     This isn’t a winner take all market, as there is clearly room for multiple players. 

Security is all about risk management.  I have an editorial scheduled for the weekend to go deeper, but today’s item is that connection between the concern and mental health.  This isn’t easy.    While it’s a need, know it comes with costs too, and that has to be built into the service delivery.