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Licensing partner sues Microsoft

In the UK, a Microsoft reseller is suing for 270 million pounds in damages for allegedly trying to destroy its business with incentives to customers to move to the cloud.

ValueLicening buys second hand licenses and then sells them for a discount.    The company is seeking damages for loss of sales, as well as interest and other relief.

Why do we care?

You know what the death knell for your business is? When you have to sue to try and get your business back.    Channel Pro UK covered this like some kind of revolt.  I call it the last gasp of a business that didn’t adjust.

Microsoft started this move over a decade ago.   It’s like that slow moving Zamboni in Austin Powers – if you couldn’t outrun that, you just weren’t paying attention.

That’s what we watch for.   You can’t sue you way back to relevance.