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How do tech workers feel about their companies?

With all the buzz about tech and it’s power… how does the industry itself feel?  Well, Protocol asked.   

  • 78% of employees said the tech industry is too powerful.And when we asked only about Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet, the number was practically identical.
  • 56% said that U.S. restrictions on Chinese tech companies have gone too far, and 58% said they worry about the repercussions of a cold war with China. Far more people think tech should avoid working with law enforcement than think it should avoid working with China.
  • Regulation is a popular idea.73% of employees said they wanted regulation for AI, and more than 71% of those familiar with Section 230 said it needs to be reformed.
    • 45% of our respondents said tech does more good than harm, for instance, while 40% said the opposite. Just over 40% think the big four companies should be broken up, but more than 68% hope they partner with or get acquired by one of those same four.

Why do we care?

Protocol highlighted that execs may think the walkouts and complaints about government projects are a loud minority… and they are wrong.  

I care because if this is how employees of the firms themselves feel, think about the customer base.    Yeah, it doesn’t seem so great.

This will impact anyone delivering technology because of the perception – note that this is all “the tech industry”…. And IT services are pulled into that.  

I recently saw a IT pundit make a case for never appealing to any social cause in one’s marketing.    That pundit clearly isn’t actually paying attention to demographic data, which clearly shows younger buyers (and workers!) absolutely want to know a company’s stance on social issues.       I wouldn’t be so dismissive of the value of how you’re perceived in society.    

Source: Protocol