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Legislation to push back on foreign based hacks

Monday, a group of bipartisan lawmakers introduced legislation designed to allow Americans to hold foreign governments and their employees accountable in court for malicious cyberactivity.    It would eliminate the immunity given to other nations if they engage in cyberattacks.  This would allow those Americans to file cases against hackers in federal or state courts.

Also of note.  Lawmakers are indicating they are interested in a cyber breach notification process from the private sector.  This matches the discussions happening during the SolarWinds hack investigation.

Why do we care?

One of the things that I’ve noted over the course of this podcast has been that legal pushback, while incredibly slow, does work.   Warrants are a solid mechanism to get data.   Law enforcement investigations eventually do find and handle cyber gangs.    

And so, this should be welcome.

If there are actual legal consequences to cyber crime, it’s one more part of making it less attractive to those doing it.    Now, alone this isn’t enough.   This probably isn’t even enough to get cases through.    And unless we fund law enforcement, we won’t see much difference.

But it’s something.  

Source: The Hill