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IT pros stress levels measured

Today, let’s start off with stress.     It’s tough out there being in technology.      Liberally quoting CIO Dive:

  • Eight in 10 technologists say their job became more complex during 2020, a consequence of quick innovation and a sprawling technology stack, according to a report from AppDynamics. The report included interviews with 1,050 global IT professionals.
  • The increase in complexity took a toll on IT pros; 89% of technologists say they feel “immense” pressure at work. Upholding IT through a pandemic, 84% of technologists found difficulty switching off from work.

Why do we care?

I think there’s a whole area to explore here about mental health in the workplace and as it relates to IT services.      89% saying “immense” pressure is a real thing.  

I’ve had an article about the #hugops movement on my desk for a couple of days now.  Link in the show notes for the history.     It’s about a growing movement to recognize the back office and sys admin teams that keep systems alive.    Anyone who delivers IT services can sympathize.

I think there’s room to address this further.  Is there a competitive hiring advantage here?  Performance one?  This feels worth exploring more.   Feedback welcome.

Source: CIO Dive

Source: Protocol