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Regulations pass and fail in this roundup

Regulation roundup.

Maryland passed the nation’s first tax on revenue from digital advertisements, overriding a governor’s veto.    

North Dakota, however, did not pass the bill that would have required an alternative to the iOS App Store.     That one isn’t one and done, however, as Georgia, Arizona, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are all considering bills along similar lines. 

In the UK, the government has announced a 20M fund specifically for small and midsized businesses when dealing with the EU.    SMBs that trade solely with the EU can apply for grants of up to two thousand pounds to help pay for support training, and advice to maintain effective training.  

Why do we care?

In the UK, use the program if you qualify.

On the US laws, some are going to happen and some won’t.  Obvious but true.     I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these states still passes it, and its indicative of where the action is.

The state level.

Because once it happens… don’t you think other states are going to want a cut, just like Maryland just got?  Money for schools is easy to leverage politically.

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