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Comcast changes their basic internet package

I feel obligated to talk about this change – Comcast is bumping it’s Internet Essentials plan up to 50Meg. And downloads from 3 to 5Meg.     The company is also delaying its moves around data caps, which it had planned to rollout out in March.  Now, it’s July.  

The FC is seeking comments on requests to expand e-Rate, which is the program to help schools and libraries with equipment and services to access the internet.

Why do we care?

Vox’s Sara Morrison ties this move to the changes in the FCC’s positioning and the student activists that I reported on last week.     That call to examine e-Rate is a reversal of more signs that the Biden administration is looking at these issues differently, and so I say “of course Comcast is moving on this.” 


End user, and consumer, sentiment on broadband has changed.    I’m encouraged on this one.

Source: The Verge, The Verge

Source: Vox