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RingCentral gets noticed for partnerships – and ecosystems

I’m going to highlight a piece in Protocol.  I might normally ignore this one because it’s a bit of a light piece on RingCentral.

One thing did jump out at me.     Here’s the two quotes:

Part of that optimism is due to RingCentral’s early execution on its long-term vision. The company struck lucrative partnerships with on-prem communication providers


On the partnership side, “no one else is at their level,”

Why do we care?

I’m not one for fluff pieces like this, mostly because that’s not my focus in terms of interest.  You can get this kind of news anywhere.  I care, and hope you to too, because of that partnership focus.

I’d say it’s more ecosystem.   They have placed themselves into a central spot by connecting and enhancing their own product and others.  It’s an ecosystem, built on partnerships.

I’ve talked a lot about platform plays lately.  Here’s another.    RingCentral is trying to position that way – and the reason I care about this news article is because the market has noticed.    THAT’s why we care.

Source: Protocol