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Continued tech fall out from last week at the US Capitol

I feel obligated to cover the continued fallout from last week.  

Most platforms have taken down Donald Trump’s account or any accounts affiliated with pro-Trump violence.    Reddit pulled r/DonaldTrump.   Twitch pulled his channel.    Shopify, his stores.   Twitter, his account.     Facebook and Instagram too, plus Snapchat.

Social app Parler says all its vendors have abandoned it – Google on Friday, Apple on Saturday, Amazon (which is their hoster) moved on Sunday… even its lawyers have said goodbye.    All cited violations of their terms of service.

That new Alphabet Workers Union from last week?   It asked YouTube to ban President Trump.

I’m also tracking efforts to archive all that social media footage – pushed by historians and law enforcement alike.

Finally, the EU commissioner for the Internal Market has indicated this will bring in a new era of tougher social media regulation.  

Why do we care?

Look, tech is all wrapped up in this story.   

Regulation is coming, and social media is just code for data management.   Remember that.   

Everything happening here is private companies making decisions about their services.   Terms of service are about risk management.  Companies are saying “we’ve had enough”.    They aren’t governments.  They aren’t public spaces.     And they are saying their own risk is too much.   

When we move into criminal activities, it’s enough is enough.

I care because of the lessons about risk management for smaller companies.  How much risk are you, or your customers, willing to put up with for your own products and services?