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AWS Marketplace now allows services to be sold

With Amazon having their re-invent conference, their focus on portions of their partner program is coming to light.  The company has announced that providers of professional services can add their offerings to the Marketplace catalog and create bundled listings that let businesses procure and pay for software and associated support through a single integrated invoicing process.

This addresses the need to bundle tasks like assessments, migrations, deployment and training that was previously done outside of the marketplace, and Amazon believes will make the purchasing process more attractive for end users.

The platform’s requirement is simply a US bank account – no admission fees or minimum requirements.  

Why do we care?

AWS’s partner program is, in my opinion, very focused on the large providers.   Two reasons to care.

First, if you’re doing AWS, you had better get on this.    Because the second reason is that marketplaces are a component to strong ecosystems, and this is the way of the future.  Microsoft has their Azure marketplace as well, and I would anticipate will continue to expand their marketplace.

Are you thinking about how your offerings are consumed via a marketplace?  You should be.    The big players may force your hand.

Source: Channel Pro Network