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Salesforce buys Slack – why we care in SMB

Salesforce is buying Slack in a deal announced on Tuesday.  

Meanwhile, Teams is getting enhancements to Calling, including CarPlay support, UI enhancements to the calling experience, saving call recordings in OneDrive and Sharepoint, and other features.

Why do we care?

That’s the news, but why we care is all about platforms.   In my recent editorial on platforms, I made the argument that the technology to build a business on has moved up from operating system to business productivity suite, and made this point about Google and Microsoft as major players.     Salesforce has just made a massive leap into that arena with Slack.      

The move is clearly competitive against Microsoft and Teams, who you can see with their embrace of Apple CarPlay are looking to put the product everywhere and anywhere they possibly can regardless of operating system, which is why we care.

Salesforce has always been a viable place to build a SMB focused services business around… and it just became a whole lot more viable with this move.    Slack + Salesforce is monster offering.     Add that to the list of platforms you can build entire SMB focused businesses around.

Source: Business Insider

Source: Thurott