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Will GAIA-X arrive DOA? And why do we care?

Let’s update on the GAIA-X project covered earlier this year.    Last June, the EU launched the initiative to create a cloud ecosystem protected by EU data laws.  Now, per a new report from Forrester, the initiative needs to deliver proof of its value if it wants to avoid becoming irrelevant. 

GAIA-X is designed for specific use cases that involve highly sensitive data: think regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, utilities or energy.

The report outlines that if the project doesn’t show more value than an average infrastructure provider by mid-2021, it won’t matter anymore and the project will be “Dead on arrival”.

Why do we care?

We’re getting to put up or shut up time for GAIA-X – can the project show results?   

We’re watching because if it does, there is a business model for privacy driven data management that competes with the big providers.

If it fails, we’ll be looking to understand how these requirements get addressed in lieu of that. 

Source: ZDNet