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Which industries are most susceptible to ransomware?

New data from Datto in their Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report.   

SMBs aren’t the only businesses being targeted by hackers. 4 in 5 MSPs agree that their own businesses are being increasingly targeted by ransomware attacks.

In 2019, MSPs reported the cost of downtime was 23 times greater than the ransom amount requested. According to the research, the average ransom demand is $5,900 compared to the average cost of downtime coming in at a staggering $141,000.

The report includes rankings of industries most suscepitlbe to ransomware.  Leading the stack?  Healthcare, followed by finance and insurance, government, professional services and education.    

Why do we care?

It is the industry stack rank that got my attention.    That’s a useful lens as you consider you customers.

Creating a 2×2 matrix, where you consider both susceptibility to ransomware and disruption by the pandemic, the most turbulent industries look like education and retail, with education most dramatically different.

Another input for your customer analysis process going into 2021.

Source: Datto

Source: Channel Daily News