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Forrester: Rough waters, and business culture opportunities

Forrester’s VP and principal analyst Thomas Husson has insights into next year, expecting customers to be even more demanding of IT suppliers, despite lack of budget.    Citing Channel Partner Insight:

  • The company is expecting more bankruptcies.
  • A 2021 key trend will be automating “mundane” administrative business processes for scale.
  • The two years of digital transformation in two months cited by Microsoft has not been met with an evolution in business culture at the same pace.
  • Forrester expects 30 percent of companies to invest more in cloud automation, security and mobility.

Why do we care?

Two threads.    First, and it’s thematic on some stories today, troubled waters ahead.

That said, my biggest area of interest is that evolution of business culture.  Of all the opportunities in this story, that’s the most interesting.  Business automation might be the one that many will think of, and by doing so they miss the bigger, more lucrative opportunities in helping businesses redesign. 

You can be the technology implementer, or you can be the business implementer.   The second is FAR more valuable than the first, and there’s a massive gap here to be filled by knowledgeable business AND technology experts.  If you’re only one, get the other. 

Source: Channel Partner Insight