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Forrester’s 2021 Data Privacy Predictions

Forrester with their global data privacy predictions – four top ones.

  1. Legal action due to employee privacy infringements to increase by 100 per cent

Forrester is predicting rough waters ahead in 2021 in regulatory and legal activity related to employee privacy infringements.

  1. The UK will become a “third country” for data protection

With the UK scheduled to exit the EU’s data protection directives, Forrester is predicting a third location for data and data protection standards.

  1. 40 per cent of privacy leaders will report to the CEO.

In 2019, 23% did, so this should roughly double, with privacy viewed as bigger than a legal and compliance matter.

  1. One in four CMOs will invest in consent and preference management

This is an investment in comprehensive consent management solutions, with the goal of enabling contextually relevant, zero-party data collection.  

Why do we care?

There is plenty here for technology services firms to work with.      I’ve said before in a longer piece about ethics that data management beyond security is a huge opportunity.  Here’s Forrester saying that too.

How data is managed within a firm is increasing in importance, both from the perspective of leveraging it for insights, but also from the perspective of only collecting what is needed to minimize surface area for risk.   Both sound like services to be sold and expertise to bring to bear, and will be increasingly important for any size company.

With privacy moving up the leadership chain to report to the CEO, we can see the importance of that investment – and mitigation of the risk too that is expected to come.

Source: Channel Partner Insight