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The end of the American internet?

Highlighting a piece by Benedict Evans, which declares the end of the American Internet.  Here’s the data you care about, quoting from the article:

  • 80-90% of internet users are now outside the USA
  • there are more smartphone users in China than in the USA and western Europe combined,
  • By 2017, almost half of new (straight) relationships in the USA started online.
  • And, more of the venture capital for company creation is outside of the US than within it.

The piece dives into TikTok as well, noting that this is the first major example of a mass media product that was created outside the US with such major penetration in the US.  

Why do we care?

The piece does note that technology is becoming a regulated industry – and not just by laws in the US.  That was what got my attention.

We’ve talked a bunch on Killing IT about the bi-frication or tri-frication of the Internet, and this highlighted both that trend in terms of users and in terms of capital.

As you analyze your customers, know that their ability to reach and do business is changing too, and here are the stats to back it up.

Source: Benedict Evans