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Microsoft managed services in healthcare

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which will be generally available on October 30, 2020, which includes managed services to support health care organizations.  The service includes patient access to their records via self-service portals and applications to directly interact with healthcare professionals.     

Why do we care?

First, I’m making those in healthcare aware of this.

This is my interest –the continued investment by cloud providers in these specialized industry specific solutions.   I’ve highlighted my interest in building practices around specific industry solutions, and this is exactly the kind of solution I’m looking for.

You build on top of the existing infrastructure here, and in the announcement are a number of Microsoft Teams integrations.   Even if you’re a specialized provider just for healthcare, you’re still needing to build on this platform.

But note the entire platform is cloud enabled and cloud only – building right on the trends from the previous story.

Source: HIT Infrastructure