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The Pentagon gives JEDI to Microsoft, Amazon protests

In what is a shock to no one, the Pentagon has upheld its $10 billion JEDI contract with Microsoft on Friday, and Amazon has protested.   Amazon published a blog that specifically targets President Trump, alleging he “blatantly interfered” in the procurement process and said the Pentagon made “a flawed, biased and politically corrupted decision.”

The AWS Public Sector Blog Team wrote:  

“AWS remains deeply concerned that the JEDI contract award creates a dangerous precedent that threatens the integrity of the federal procurement system and the ability of our nation’s warfighters and civil servants to access the best possible technologies. Others have raised similar concerns  around a growing trend  where defense officials act based on a desire to please  the President, rather than do what’s right.

Why do we care?

I want to note two reasons to care.

First, this was important because of the prestige value of the contract.   That was my reason for tracking it for so long.  That’s still there, of course, except…

The second reason we care is that of all the companies to take on a challenge like this, AWS can make this personal.    Deep pockets, motivation to win a crown jewel contract, and visibly taking on the administration are all potential reasons.  

So we care to see how this plays out when companies of this size and scale can duke it out … when it has become personal.  

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Source: ZDNet