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The UK government goes more local

The UK government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UKCloud, which is a UK based cloud provider.  The deal is intended to put the company on par with deals from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, which have also been signed with the UK government. 

While I’m on UK companies, the Financial Times is reporting that Nvidia is in talks to acquire the chipset designer Arm.  

Why do we care?

I’m trying to maintain a global view on the show to catch trends that matter.   I’ll offer this that is interesting to watch to see if other governments begin to de-emphasize their need to depend on US companies in favor of local providers as we watch the splintering of the internet.  (Or, as we discussed on Killing IT recently, the idea of four internets – the American, European, Chinese, and Indian ones).

If governments begin to pick the home grown options, will consumers and businesses too, and to what degree?  This has long been a norm in Germany – home grown options are often highly preferred.

I mentioned the ARM acquisition because of how important those chips are becoming – with Apple moving to them, and arm devices in most smartphones, and even Microsoft working on ARM based Windows, who owns the chipset may begin to matter over time – particularly if that does relate to this splintering.  

Source: ChannelWeb UK

Source: Thurrott